Transcribed Prophetic Words:

9/18/16 His Hands Prophetic Words via Betsie for us to pray through!!!

Don D.—And the Lord would say, a sound you ask for—I shall give you a sound! For there shall be rumblings, there shall be shakings, there shall be thunder and lightning in the heavenlies! And you shall look upon My works and say, “It is the Lord who doeth the works that I see now, that I feel in my body! It is the power of the Almighty, the Great I AM!” For this day I have looked upon My creation, and I have found it wanting. But I have a plan for you, and My plan is great! So look upon Me, look at the things that you see—for in those things you shall find direction!

John P.—So declare, “Blessed be the Name of the Lord!” Declare into the heavenly realms that blessed is the Name of the Lord!

Eileen P.—Lord God You are so loving and good, You are so kind and so wise that you intervened in that plot of the terrorists in Seaside Park this weekend. And I speak to fear that would rise up from that and I say, “Fear—you be transformed into awe at the mighty power of God to intervene!” In the Name of Jesus!

Sheryl P.--Now, I saw blockages in arteries around somebody’s heart being blown out in the Name of Jesus! Receive that right now! Blown out! In the Name of Jesus Christ! If that’s you, put your hand right there. We blow out those blockages in the Name of Jesus Christ! You loose these people—in Jesus Mighty Name!

Mary Beth(GZI)—When she said that, I saw the four walls of this place just blow out. And I heard the Lord say that it is the time for the rising of the pure in heart now, and because this place has been faithful to that, Lord we just thank You for that and we say Lord the Breaker Anointing is come through and blown out these walls! We say there will be a rising of the pure of the heart in this area Lord—it will be a limitless—the hidden hand of God is beginning to manifest Itself now and this ministry will be limitless!

Carol N.—The Lord showed me what was happening in the spiritual realm during our worship tonight. He showed me hands lifted up worshipping Him. He showed me flowers with their heads turned up and trees with their leaves and branches reaching up. He showed me rocks splitting with water going throughout the earth. He showed me a waterfall coming down and He showed me the mountains with the clouds dancing around them. And He said, “Your altar of worship for Me does not need to be elaborate; it does not need to be an elaborate structure. It just needs to be your heartfelt posture of worship toward Me.” And He said, “when you worship as you are worshipping tonight, you move Me to want to shower blessings upon you.”

Marty C.(GZI)—What’s happening right now is that as we are extending this high praise into the heavens, the heavens are coming down. The Lord cannot resist when we praise on this level; He cannot resist coming down. And I hear Him saying that there is a deeper level still—there is a deeper level still! There is a deeper, deeper, deeper level still—for each of us yearning, yearning, yearning---and He is doing something tonight in our spirits that is supernatural! He’s doing a deep, deep, deep work as heaven comes down and our praises go up! The deep is truly calling unto deep tonight! So just receive a deep, (song) deeeeeeeep! It’s going deep down! It’s going so deep down! It’s going deep down, down, down, down—deep in our soul! Deep down in our spirit! Deep down! Deep down! Deep work of God! Deeper! Deeper! Deeper! Deeper! Deeper! Deeper! Deeper! Deeper! Ho! Ho! Ho! You are deep, He says, You are deep—and deep has reached into deep! And I say to you, you are an army marching with banners! You are an army of the Most High God! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Sheryl P.—So now watch and see those that surround you—the states that surround you, begin to dip into your well and drink! For I say to you that this territory will be a refreshing well in days ahead! Many of you that live in this territory—from here to there—will possess the cup of drinking for those that are thirsty for more of Me! So open your hearts, open your homes, open your lives to become the cup from My well, saith the Lord!

Mildred B.(GZI)—I kept hearing about the Garden of the Lord from the Song of Solomon. And I kept hearing about that enclosed garden. But when Mary Beth—I was hearing the same thing—that He said, “I’m takin’ the walls down! I have received your fragrance, I have received your worship—but I’m takin’ the walls down! And I’m going to bring a wind, and your fragrance of life is going out and people are coming in, because they’re gonna say, “I want that fragrance of life! I am tired of the stench of death! I’ve smelled enough of the stench of death!” And they say, “I’m coming!” So Lord we thank You that You’re taking the walls down off of this garden that’s been prepared for You Lord, and we thank You—send Your wind Lord, and release that fragrance of the smell of life! In Jesus Name!

John P.—And I saw a weathervane, and as she said send Your wind, I saw—it was a big chicken—rooster. It turned the opposite way and it shifted, and the Lord said, “It’s time to uproot what has been sown in the land.” And it’s the spirit of false religions. And right now we declare, “You will not take root! We turn you over! We rebuke you in the Name of Jesus! We expose you to the power of the Living Son! And we say, “ Go from our land! We will not tolerate you in our land!” In Jesus Name! Lord, we release salvation into the people trapped in false religion! Salvation! We bind the spirits that blind their eyes! And we say, “See the Light of the Son of God!”
In Jesus Name!
(Shofar sound)
And that sound that just went forth was like a rototiller that went through the land—uprooting all that needed to be uprooted. In Jesus Name.

9/11/16 His Hands Prophetic Words via Betsie for us to pray through!!!

Betsie C.—And God says don’t fear the swirling around your head. Don’t fear even the confusion; but surrender to the unknowing; surrender to even My ability to enable you to surrender to the unknowing. And I will bear you forward into victory in the midst of that. For I know all things and you are in My hand. And I, as you lean back in Me by My power which I freely give, I will bear you forward into a victory unlike you’ve seen before or known at any time. In Jesus Name.

Carol N.—I heard the phone ringing; I heard it ringing loud. And the Lord said, you receive many messages every day, but this is My phone call to you. I AM calling you to become engaged with Me. I AM calling you to be passionate in relationship with Me. I formed you; I gave you birth; I set your spirit ablaze with My Spirit. And I desire to have that passionate relationship with you. I AM calling you into passion; strong passion with Me! I AM calling you to become engaged with Me and Me alone!

Darlene B.—And the Lord says this is My season of war. It’s My season for you to war for Me, says God. Begin to war over the promises over your life! Don’t give up any ground in this season! It’s NOT TIME to step back and open up and allow the enemy to come through! But I will war with you in this season—for it is MY season of warfare! YES! I call up the troops in this hour, the MIGHTY troops of God! For you ARE My Burning Ones, My Flames of Fire! So begin to step in; the Lord says step into the mighty season of war! I AM that armor bearer—that Strong Mighty Armor-Bearer in this season to see you through every trial and tribulation!  I AM NOT asleep at the wheel, for I AM AWAKE and I don’t slumber—and I don’t miss ANYTHING , says God! So step in! Step into that season of war, and see your promises in this hour begin to come forth, begin to be seen, begin to be KNOWN!

Troy P.—And in this season of war have I not given you the greatest weapon? Is it not My Word? Have I not called you to lock and unlock? Have I not called you to take the scriptures and the promises in this word and to WAR, and to lock and unlock, and to lock and unlock, and to lock and unlock, and to lock and unlock, and to lock and unlock, and to LOCK and UNLOCK? What is the enemy doing? Is he not roaring at you? But am I not greater? Is My word not greater? It breaks in pieces the most hardest resistance! Take My word! Take My word! And lock and unlock! Lock and unlock! Lock and unlock! saith the Lord.

Richard M.—Is it a strange thing when the Spirit of God shows up? After we ask Him to be here? We asked Him! We asked Him, Lord come here! We’ve come to me you tonight! And He says, is it a strange thing that I would walk among you? You’ve asked for Me! Here I AM! Step in! Step in! Don’t hold back!

Adrienne H.—(Song)—I AM the Great I AM! I’m not the great I was! I AM the Great I AM! I’m not the great I was! I AM God--and I AM your provision! I AM the Great I AM! I’m not the great I was!  I AM God! I AM God! I AM God!

Eileen P.—I saw this little contraption, a little machine being wheeled up alongside of me. It was like a little tiny steam engine. And then the Lord ignited it and steam started to cook and to work. And I just felt the Lord is saying—you’re thinking that the fire is necessarily going to be for big things, and it is—but this little machine is maneuverable—it can get into all the little places in your life, all the little issues, all the little things, the small things. And it’s going to be powerful, it’s going to be maneuverable, it’s going to be competent, it’s going to get the things done. So Lord, You’re not just the God of the great things, but Your fire is controlled; it works in the little things; it works in the small places of our lives—it’s maneuverable, it’s flexible, it’s dependable. Thank You Lord, You are God of all!

Sheryl P.—Before we go into our last worship song I want to share this with you. This morning I was taken up in a heavenly experience. I saw the hand of the Lord engrave His Face on the cliffs of NJ. Now we have a lot of cliffs—you don’t realize it down here, but along the Atlantic Highlands, Mt. Mitchell is the highest point on the Eastern seaboard all the way to Mexico— at Atlantic Highlands—it’s right across from New York City. And then we have cliffs on the Delaware, and cliffs up there by the George Washington Bridge and all that. And the Lord said to me, “I AM tattooing…” because it was the Face of the Lord—and in Hebrew the word “face” means “Presence”. He was tattooing His Presence on our territory—because we are gathering, we are desiring Him. And so I got home this evening at 4 o’clock—I drove back home from North Jersey, and I received a text from Ruth B. in Jersey City. And this morning during the 9/11 memorial live stream in New York City, a face made out of clouds appeared reflecting on the Freedom Tower. And I have the photograph of it. Dave B’s cousin captured it on the live feed and sent it to me and it is the face of Jesus! If you text me I will send you the picture. You can’t make this up! Jesus’ Face, His Presence is being tattooed, being engraved—on us—we’re made out of the dirt—and this is what He’s saying: He’s saying tonight, “Breathe in My Presence; let My Fire consume you—whatever My Presence looks like—whether it’s Fire, whether it’s the Wind of My Holy Spirit, whether it’s the Water of My Word—whatever it is—allow it to be tattooed on your heart, engraved on your heart!” And I am telling you, this Friday night—it is going to be powerful, because His Presence has already been engraved!

7/17/16 His Hands Prophetic Words

Eileen P.—I was reading my Bible this morning in Matthew and Jesus was saying to Peter, “upon this rock you will build My Church”. Peter had received revelation from the Father and this was the rock upon which we would build. Then God said, “I’ll give you the keys of the Kingdom” and “whatever you bind on earth…”. And I saw there’s a linkage there—we bind or we loose to release the Kingdom, but we’re only able to do it because we receive revelation from the Father.

Sheryl P.—I have not called you to build upon the sand; for your foundation is a solid rock from eternity past, into eternity future. So I say to you today, look at the storms swirling around you; even look at those rivers rushing madly from the rainstorms that come. You will not be washed away in the melee of the storms that are coming, for your feet are founded upon Me! I AM your rock; I AM the Rock upon which you are built! Cling to Me; immerse yourself in Me in this season and faith will come to a new level! Faith will come as you read My word and hear it within you, and walk it out outside of you. So I say, I AM your Rock; I AM NOT the shifting sand!

Carol N,--I’m seeing a blanket that has fringe around the edges, and some of the fringe is all tied up and knotted. And the Lord says, “I desire to blanket you with My fringe benefits, and I AM your Deliverer, and I will come and untie the knots that are holding you back! I AM YOUR Deliverer, and I have come to bring you fringe benefits, like a blanket that covers you in comfort!” Thank you Lord!

Worship Team— The Lord says A faithful army, an advancing army—that’s what I see! That’s what I see! A faithful army, advancing army—moving forward, moving forward! That’s what I see! Move in faith! Move in faith! Pushing back the darkness, bringing in His light! It’s a faithful army! Moving forward! Advancing, advancing!

Jonathan P.—I just saw the congregation beginning to stomp their feet. And as we stomped our feet, the earth loosened up! It was a really dry, cracked, hard ground. And as we were stomping our feet we began to press in—I heard the low rumbling of our voices coming from our insides, coming from our bellies, as we prophetically lifted our hands out from the floor to the ceiling. We began to unearth things—unearth powers in the region, unearth spirits that are at work. So prophetically begin to lift that ground up in front of you as you stomp and declare!

Worship Team—As you move with Me, you will see the salvation of the Lord in the land of the living! You will see it! You will see it! You’ll see things move, you’ll see things shift, as you move with Me! Move with Me!

Sherri S.—As we were worshiping I saw a tornado, coming through a portal. And as it came down, it was many different colors. I heard that there is a sound of love coming. Everyone has an individual love of God, but that sound of love in each of us will come together. And as we permeated the earth with worship by that sound of love, the portal opened even wider. We need to permeate heaven and earth with a sound. Everybody’s sound is a little different; everybody’s expression is a little different. But when we do it in unison there is a level of worship that will enter in this room, and heaven will touch earth, and open the portal.

Don D.—There is a military term for the stomping of the feet, and it’s called “marking time”. And the one in charge gives out the command to “mark time”. And what we’re doing is we’re moving our feet left to right, left to right, and we keep doing that until we hear the next command from the Master.
So Father, in the Name of Jesus we are marking time, we are pounding our feet to the pavement! And we’re waiting Your command O God, that You will launch us forward to do the great exploits that You have for us in this season!

Worship Team—There’s a new momentum coming! There’s a new momentum coming! So step into time! Step into time! Left, right, left! Left, right, left! Step in time! Step in time!

Sheryl P.—So I ask you, “Will you press forward when you are resisted? Will you continue head on when you are held back by the onslaught of the enemy? Will you grope for Me and press through that which is a difficult situation?” I ask you, “When I come, will I find faith on earth? Press through! Look beyond what you are in, and see what you are coming to! For I say, I have made the way, and I have given you the keys of binding and loosing. And you have heard My voice from heaven!” So I say to you, “Declare where you are going, and press through that which would resist you!”;

Worship Team—Use your tongue! There’s power in it! When all around you fights against you, use your tongue! For there is power in My Name! Use your tongue! Let it come into agreement with My Name! Use your tongue! For there is power in your MOUTH! Use your tongue! Life and death is in the tongue! Use your tongue! You HAVE to do it! Use your tongue!
Your tongue will set the captives free! Your tongue will bring us liberty! You are My vessels! You are My mouthpiece! Use your tongue! In this land of the living—use your tongue! Your tongue has power and liberty!
So we decree! Till we see—this liberty come to pass! We will decree till we see this liberty! We won’t stop! We won’t give up! We will decree until we see!

Betsie C.—God is saying, “Jail break! Jail break! Jail break! What has masqueraded as My narrow way—I AM breaking you through that lie! I AM breaking you through the place of weariness and striving and struggle that is not My way, that has masqueraded as My way! And I AM establishing you in the true narrow way—a place of laser point activity, a place of propulsion forward—a place of taking you off the hard, worn paths, to paths where truth and righteousness echo My Name! So I say look to Me! And look again! For I will blow up old mindsets that you even thought were Mine, and establish you in the fullness of the freedom and blessing I have!” In Jesus Name.

Jonathan P.—Just begin to jump! Just jump up and down where you are! Just begin to stomp that ground!

Worship Team—I will break up the ground everywhere I go! I’ll break up the ground! I’ll shake up the ground! Everywhere I go! Make this your confession! I’ll break up the ground—with this Kingdom sound! Everywhere I go! Break! Break! Break! Break! With the Kingdom sound!

6/26/16 His Hands Prophetic Words 

Erin D.—I feel like the Lord is saying tonight that “I’m pursuing you in this season. Even as a deer pants for the water brooks and chases after that fresh scent of water, the Lord said I’m pursuing you! I’m going to come and fill you in this season, and pursue you and give you what you need so that you are refreshed and strengthened. The enemy may be on your trail but I’m on your trail and I’m pursuing you and going to guard you against the enemy’s onslaught. You’re going to be refreshed and strengthened to turn around and go after him, says God!”Receive the strength of the Lord tonight! Father we receive your pursuit of us! We receive an infilling of your fresh Holy Spirit, Your fire! We receive that in our bellies tonight Lord! Your fire! Let it come and consume us, and strengthen us tonight, in Jesus Name.

Debra L.—I feel like God is saying, “Don’t pass this minute by. If you will ask, I will baptize you with fire afresh and anew. I want to give it to you now!”He’s pursuing us! It’s not hard—lift up your hands! Receive the baptism of fire of the Holy Spirit right now! And if you’ve never had it before, ask for it now! He wants to give it to you! It’s yours for the asking in Jesus Name.

Darlene B.—The Lord says tonight, “Let Me come in and do that transformation. Let Me come in, and minister to your heart. Let me begin to stir in you. Let me begin, let me capture all those things, all those vain imaginations. Let Me begin that fire; let Me increase your desire! Great am I, says the Lord! Great in you! Great in your circumstances! Let Me begin says God!

Sheryl P.—And I hear the Lord saying to us tonight: “Look! See the treasure box I have placed before you. For in it are hidden things that you’ve never dreamed possible. Open it wide! Pursue what I have for you! Receive the treasures of the hidden darkness that have been waiting for you to pursue them! I say to you, I AM opening your eyes in this season, and you will see My treasures in the earth realm, My treasures in one another, My treasures released by the Holy Spirit coming to you! So pursue them, as I have pursued you, and receive My hidden treasure!

Erin D.—(song and word)—“I’m resetting you; in My crown of Glory! You are My gems, you are My diadem! I’m going to show you off to the world—the beauty of the Lord in you!”  Some of us need restoration tonight; some of us need healing; some of us need strength. And I just like the Lord is saying I’m going to take you, as a jeweler would take a gem, and refine it and polish it and set it in place in My crown of Glory. God is resetting us tonight so we shine for Him. You are His gem! You possess the beauty of the Lord! You are His gem!

Carol N.—The Lord just showed me a creature that has a shell—I guess it’s something like a snail, where the body comes out from the bottom. It secretes a liquid and then it’s body travels along the liquid. And because it secretes this liquid it allows the flesh to come out of the shell and stretch even farther. And it allows this slow moving creature to actually go very far and in very different places. And the Lord said, this is how My anointing works. My anointing comes upon you like an oil, and it glistens and it just lubricates you, it goes through you and in you, and you exude it out of you. And because you have that anointing, you are able to be stretched farther than you ever thought. You are able to go to more places and reach more people because of My anointing. So we just welcome Your anointing Lord; we welcome this simple example of how we can understand how your anointing works. We welcome Your anointing Lord, so we can go farther, be stretched farther and reach more people for You and Your Kingdom. In Jesus Name.

From Sunday night 5/22/2016:

Worship Team—The Lord is breaking you out of old cycles tonight—breaking you into new things tonight! Step out prophetically! Let Your Glory arise! Swing wide ye gates! Now just speak to that thing you’re breaking out of—tell it it’s defeated tonight! Lift up your heads O ye gates! Swing wide! Rise! Rise! We will dance and the path will open! Open up! Open up! We are dancers for the Glory of God! Releasing His Glory! Oh we dance so the path opens up!

Betsie C.—I see God—He’s broken through those gates! He is riding forward on the horse of victory! He has trampled over that spirit of intimidation—He is calling us out of the familiar and saying, “Follow Me! Move Forward!” In Jesus Name

Worship Team—King of Glory! Have Your Glory! We shall possess the gates of our enemies! Victory! Victory! The glory generation is arising in the earth! There’s a generation of glory arising in the earth! Arise! Arise! It’s flowing down this glory—generation to generation!

Sheryl P.—Now hear the sound of the sickle—hear the sound of the sickle! The harvest sickle being swung by the nation! This is a sound for the nation—to begin to put in the sickle, for the next generation! So Lord we say we swing the sickle!

Sheryl P.—(Song)—We swing the sickle! We swing the sickle! We swing the sickle of harvest! Raise up the evangelists Lord! Raise up the evangelists Lord! With signs and wonders and miracles! Raise up the evangelists! 

Debbie M.—I heard the Lord Jesus say to the younger generation, ask what you will! That it may be done unto you, so the Father is glorified! Right now, ask what you will! 

Jonathan P.—Now everybody just stretch your hand to those younger kids—just begin to publicly speak out blessings—just begin to declare prosperity, provision, wisdom! 

John P.—Now parents you declare I trust you with my children’s future! I put my children’s future in your hands! I put my grandchildren’s, my sister’s, my relative’s future in your hands! You’re a good God and you have a plan for them! And we just say “Yes” and “Amen” to that plan tonight! In Jesus Name. 

Jonathan P.—There’s a new song that’s within us Lord—bring it out! Bring out that new song Lord! 

John P.—(Song)—Blessed are you, who hunger and thirst for righteousness, righteousness, righteousness! You shall be satisfied with goodness overflowing! Overflowing! Be satisfied tonight; let your hunger take flight—for you will be filled! Overflowing! Blessed are you! 

Betsie C.—I saw the clay pot breaking open and a vehicle coming out of it—it looked like a car. And the Lord brought to my mind “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”—the old movie with this car that flew. And I felt like God is just saying, out of this place, as you follow Me, and those clay pots break open, that you’ll be going on conveyances you have not known before! You’ll be moving forward in ways you have not known before! Release to Me! Look to Me! For I can enable you in it—and we will go forward, and we will MOVE forward, in ways you have not known—for MY glory says the Lord! 

Don D.—I see the Lord! He is high and He is lifted up! And His train fills the temple! And they cried, Holy! Holy! Holy! unto the Lord. For they looked upon Him and they turned their eyes to the ground because of His holiness! For truly He is the awesome One, the Almighty, the Creator of all things! And truly this day, My people, I have bestowed upon you honor; and I have given you My Spirit, and I have given you Myself to look upon! For truly do you not look upon Me as Holy? For I AM Holy, says the Lord! Do you not bow in My Presence, says the Lord—and give homage and admiration to Me? So Father, I bow in Your Presence Almighty God—and I give You praise this night for Who You are, and Who You are to me, and Who You’re going to be in the days ahead! Hallelujah! In Jesus Name!

From Sunday night 1/3/2016:

Sheryl P.—And the Lord says some of you have been stuck and unable to make the sound that I AM requiring for this season. So I say to you be loosed to the new sound tonight! Be loosed to the freedom of worship that you’ve not yet experienced! For I say to you that My sound will begin to cause a vibration! And the bridges will shake between here and Philadelphia! The bridges will shake between here and New York! And I say to you, My sound is ever-increasing, and I AM bringing it forth now in this season to set My captives free and to impart My move into the earth realm!  

Worship Team—I see the promises of God coming forth…as I open up my mouth and speak it forth, I speak it forth…as I open up my mouth, it’s coming forth…This is the season, this is the time…the manifestation of everything that you’re praying for, of the things you’ve been decreeing…this is the season, now is the time… you will see Jehovah Sabbaoth, Lord of Hosts come to your aid…He is the Great I AM! So I’m stirring you up, yes I’m stirring you up…so receive the quickening of My Spirit…you have been weary; so now receive the quickening…and those old words that have not come to pass---you shall start to see them…the atmosphere of expectation is a breeding ground for your miracle…so keep expecting, anticipating, looking…surely you will see the salvation of the Lord in the land of the living…this is the year; now is the time…keep your heart expecting, keep your heart anticipating…keep decreeing what you’re not seeing! Speak it forth! Now is the time! Tonight we declare that the earth is Yours—and all that is within it Lord! We walk, we walk, we walk around declaring Your Name! Jesus!  

John P.—I just want to encourage you this year to seek Him with your whole heart. Don’t just give Him an hour or two on Sunday and hit a mid-week meeting, and read your Bible a chapter or two every morning, and then do your thing. That’s not seeking God with your whole heart…I say 2016 is gonna be the year of the seekers…we’re gonna search for Him…and say “I’m not letting go of YOU till I get the answer”… How do we do that? Jeremiah 24:7 says, “I will give them a heart to know Me.” Now how do you have that heart? Ask Him for it…”For they shall be My people; and I will be their God. For they shall return unto Me with their whole heart.” …He’s gonna come when He’s drawn by your hearts…not the right music or the right dress, or the right hairdo…He’s gonna come when you’re hungry for Him; when you’re not satisfied with the depth of your relationship… Lord, this year make us single minded…align our desires and our heart in the flow of your passion…Lord, we confess we cannot do it on our own… We gotta get back to Jesus as the center of this thing—Jesus is why we’re here… He’s the God of restoration! Whatever the enemy’s taken from you, it’s time for it to come back! If you say, “Well I’ve been calling it back; it hasn’t come back yet.” Keep callin’! He is Faithful! He is True! Hope deferred, I break you off of our thought process! …You are called to have dominion—How? In His Name—what name? Jesus—we’re back to Jesus again…you can’t go wrong whatever situation you’re in just saying, “Jesus!”

From Sunday night 11/22/2015:

Erin D.—I hear the Lord saying that it’s a season of arising and pressing in to the Lord, so that you would receive power. And the scripture verse in Isaiah 52 talks about to awake, awake and put on your strength, and to shake yourself from the dust and arise, and rid yourself of the chains around your neck. So the Lord is just saying that it’s time to be untangled from the things that would tangle you up! The Lord is saying loose yourself; receive My Spirit new and fresh! It is a new day; a new day of grace, a new day of empowerment. And the Lord is saying it is time for you to arise with power in My Spirit! So as you loose yourself you’re going to receive freedom says the Lord. 
Carol N.—The Lord showed me a triangle that had 3 points. And He showed me the points each being cut off and blunted and just falling down. And He said that those things which are said and done which are pointed as attacks, I AM blunting, I AM cutting off all those pointed things that the enemy would bring against you. He said My way is a continuous flow of love; that is MY way and I do not want that pointedness coming from YOUR mouth or your actions or anyone else coming against you in that way. He said I AM making the pointedness of the weapons of the enemy blunt! In Jesus Name.

Worship Team—What does it sound like when you sing heaven’s song? What does it feel like when heaven comes down? What does it look like when God is all around? Let it come! Before the service we just declared that the sound of heaven would fill this place. So just lift your voice to the Lord and just declare that the sound of heaven fill your life! Open the gates of heaven Lord! Let it come!

Gordon M.—I felt the Lord was saying there’s a connection with what we did yesterday and what we’re doing tonight. And that’s what the song is all about—when heaven comes down. We had great worship; a lot of things happened in Paterson; the covering over Paterson started to break up. But it’s not an isolated incident; it’s not just an isolated place of worship. This is part of that! This is a continuation of that. We’re seeing the Lord come down in an ongoing way. Amen.

Sheryl P.— I say to you this is a night that you will break out of the fenced in area that you have kept yourself in! For I AM loosing you OUT because you are heaven that comes in to every situation! So I loose you OUT into the world—to speak of Me, be of Me, do of Me! I loose you out says the Lord!

Worship Team—We are climbing the walls that have held us back Lord!... 

Darlene B.—Lord we ascend tonight! We go over the wall Lord! We don’t let anything stop us Father! We know it’s Your Spirit that moves us forward. So Lord we ascend in the Holy Spirit. Lord we decree and declare that Your Spirit ascends from this earth God, to transform every ungodly structure back in to the purpose and the plans of Christ. Lord we decree and declare to let Kingdom come, let Kingdom reign, let Kingdom be present today! Let Kingdom transform every structure Lord God that is exalting itself against You Father. We cast down every vain imagination and we say: Ascend! Ascend! Ascend! Ascend! In Jesus Name. 

Troy P.—When Joanne started dancing up here up front, I saw everybody getting out. Get out of your seat! Get out of your seat! Begin to war! Begin to war! Get out! Get out of your seat! You’re too comfortable! Get out and dance! Dance on the enemy’s head! Dance on the enemy’s head! We declare victory in here tonight! Victory! Victory! Victory! You gotta get out of the fenced area! You gotta get out! Get out—declare victory! Victory! Victory! Hallelujah! 

Richard M.—Tongues song

Carol N.—Song—Oh what a night, what a night! What a night, to see Your daylight come, to see it come! Oh what a night, what a night, what a night, to see Your Daystar shining bright! This is the night, this is the night to sing of Your Glory! This is the night to do praise unto You! Oh what a night, what a night for Your Glory! We see Your sunshine coming through! Oh what a night! 

John P.—Song—So tonight we dance on the head of the enemy! So tonight we dance on the head of the enemy! We dance by the sea! On the head of the enemy! We’re dancin’ on the head! Let’s dance till he’s dead! So dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, dance on the enemy! Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, dance—dance till the enemy can’t see! Put your foot on his head! Put your foot right on his head!
Oh how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth to DESTROY the works of the enemy! You’re anointed to DESTROY the works of the enemy! So dance, dance, dance on the head of the enemy! 

Worship Team—There’s a fire! There’s a fire! There’s a fire getting ready to spread!
Holy baptism! Holy Baptism! Burn away the old Lord!
And I see us as a flame—and the Lord is beginning to breathe on us! And as He breathes on us the flame begins to shine brighter! As He breathes on us the flame begins to increase! Just ask the Lord to breathe on you tonight! We are that flame! It’s like fire shut up in your bones! It’s like fire shut up in your bones! There’s a fire! There’s a fire! There’s a fire getting ready to spread! 

Sheryl P.—What Bryon doesn’t know is that on the way home tonight from Jersey City the sky was like a fire—I’m sure you all saw it. I put it on Facebook, then Ruth Brudnicki from Jersey City texted us a picture. Fire was over Jersey City; and there was a rainbow. God is speaking to us tonight that a fire is getting ready to ignite over this state. And so Lord we receive the fire—start with us God! Ignite us! Breathe on us tonight oh God! Ignite the flames within our hearts oh God, to see this thing spread! In Jesus Mighty Name! Give a shout! Hallelujah! 
Worship Team—Breathe on us! Breathe on us! This is what it sounds like when you sing heaven’s song! This is what it feels like when heaven comes down! This is what it looks like when God is all around! Let it come! Let it come Lord! Here it comes!

From Sunday night 11/8/2015:

Sheryl P.—So I say to you, continue to build, continue to build! Allow My Spirit to build up your spirit man! For this is a season where the enemy would like to taunt you to prevent you from completing the task that is ahead. So I say, continue to build! Yield yourself to My Spirit and allow Me to build you up!

The enemy’s voice that has taunted you—I AM disabling that voice even tonight! And I will cover you in the days ahead that the enemy will not be able to find you! For I say I AM loosing a covering over My Body to protect them in this coming season. For My light and My Glory is upon you. And you will walk through a troop! I will cause you to leap over a wall, and they will be blinded and not see you, for I AM for you and I declare today that My favor has been released upon you!

Troy P.—And as we were just declaring that, the Lord said that you’re gonna war for many from that invisible place. Many in your family, many that you don’t even know—as you’re in that covered place, He’s gonna have you war. And many people are gonna be set free—many that are held captive right now, are gonna be set free. But you will be warring from an invisible place in Him—that place where you’re covered, where the enemy cannot see you. You will do many, many, mighty, mighty things for the Lord from that invisible place. Christiane D.—I heard the Lord say, “Don’t despise the narrow place.” I saw us flowing through, like water through a narrow place between the mountains, between the cliffs. The Lord said, “Don’t despise the narrow place.” When you’re in His Spirit, you’re gonna flow through the narrow place. And the current is quicker when you’re going through the narrow place—a quicker flow!

From Sunday night 10/25/2015:

Worship Team—I see many of us as lampstands burning for the Lord…but our flames are quivering, wavering…we are needing new oil from the Lord…So I hear the Lord saying come unto me for I AM your daily bread and I AM your manna…I will fill your lamps so you can shine again…so come unto Me, come running unto Me, stay longing for Me…do not be satisfied with what you have right now…stay yearning for Me, and I will fill you to capacity…so you can go running with the Gospel in your feet…to the North and the South and the East and the West—all over! I will fill your lamps, so you can shine again!

John P.—So just ask Him to fill your lamps now to overflowing. Declare that you will shine brighter in this point in your life than you’ve ever shined before. Thank you Lord!

Don D.—The Lord would say I AM drawn to your heart! For I see what’s in the heart of man, and I look at yours and I AM pleased. This day a blessing shall be pronounced upon you! For as you prepare for those 3 days of fasting and prayer before Me, in honor of Me, then I will move heaven on your behalf, and it shall be done, says God! Those whom I have anointed, those shall be blessed! You are anointed tonight to do My service! Look unto Me this night—I AM a God who hears and answers your prayers! And as you diligently seek Me this night, you shall find answers and that breakthrough that your heart so desires shall come to pass! I AM a God of signs, wonders and miracles, and they are of the ordinary in heaven and they shall be ordinary on the earth because I have ordained it says God!

Adrienne H.—(Song)—I love you with an everlasting love…rest assured that I love you…with loving kindness I draw you...Come close to Me, and I’ll draw near to you…

Carol N.—Before the last 2 words were given, the Lord showed me a heart—I saw it so clearly—like a natural heart—and it looked like it was about to burst open. And I thought at first maybe it was a word of knowledge, and then I realized that the heart was so full of the love that God had put in it. But it appeared strong, as if it was about to burst with love, but wasn’t going to burst in the natural. So we thank you Lord that you pour out Your love into our natural hearts, into our emotional hearts, into our beings. We just thank you Lord that You pour Your love—almost more than we can contain. But Lord we know that you give it to us so we can pour it out to others.

Sheryl P.—And this is a season where I AM coming to inspect your heart, says the Lord. For I AM coming to dig around and help break up that which has become hardened and that which has become blocked. My love and My kindness are visiting you in this season to break up the fallow ground so that I can plant the new seeds for the new season. You are crossing into something brand new, and I must have a people that are set apart and sanctified unto Me, says God. So receive My visitation; allow Me to inspect YOUR heart, says the Lord.

Worship Team—So step into Refiner’s fire…step into the refining fire…for I will mold you like gold…I will burn away every dirty thing…everything that was never of Me…for this is the place where covenant is made…this is the place where you and Me lock gaze…in this place you will be what I called you to be…you will be made to your original form…I’m purifying you, so you can live for Me

Betsie C.—And the Lord would say: Don’t fear the Refiner’s fire! The Refiner’s fire is not what the religious spirit of the last season told you that it is! My Spirit is a Spirit of freedom and life and release in the Lord! And in this season you will know Me in a deeper way; you will know My heart in a deeper way, as you are broken free from religion and the lies that accompany it. You will come forth into the freedom, the light, the release—that when you come out of that fire you will not even have the smell of smoke on you. But you will come forth leaping and dancing and praising My Name!

Worship Team—Step into Refiner’s fire! Those places that were hard will now become soft! You have a new freedom! You have a new song! So release it now! Release it now! All the day long! For you will find true love and you will find true joy! You will find true peace—you will find the real Me! As you dance with Me!
We’ll dance in the flame! We will dance in the flame of the Refiner’s fire! We’ll rejoice in the flame of the refining fire! Made new by the flame! I am transformed! I am made new!

Thomas—God is the King! You can do anything! You are the King of kings!

John P.—Amen! So let’s thank God for prophetic songs that stir prophetic creativity in your spirit man. A child shall lead them! Some of you just need to step out and let God create something new in you instead of doing the same old, same old. So Lord, we say You are the King and You can do anything! Because You are the King of kings! Thank You Lord!

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